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NEO Vest (wide)

Price: €76.70
Weight: 1.000 Kgs
Code: 597

NEO Vest (wide)

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Good body posture is the one which ensures optimal stability, requires minimal muscle effort to hold the body upright and promotes optimal arrangement of internal organs. Good posture is characterised by: straight position of head, physiological curvatures of sagittal plane and straight spine in coronal plane, well-formed chest, shoulders slightly backward in relation to pelvis, symmetrical alignment of pelvis. Sitting puts the most stress and strain on the spine. Thus it is very important that a person sitting in a wheelchair has proper back support. There are three primary support surfaces: buttocks, back, and lower extremities.



  • Wheelchair fitted to the individual user.
  • Solid backrest and seat.
  • Correct backrest height depends on the desired amount of trunk support.
  • Seat depth – allows up to 2,5 cm from back of knee to front of seat.
  • Seat width – allows 1.3 cm from the outside line of thigh and armrest on either side.
  • Correct lateral support for the trunk.
  • Correct armrest height to allow for 30° shoulder flexion and 60° elbow flexion.
  • Footplate position – allows 5 cm clearance from footplate to floor, feet positioned parallel to seat.
  • Stable cushion.
  • Achieve balance between support and function.
  • Use correct support belts.
CAUSES of kyphosis.
  • Wheelchair: seat to backrest angle too small and inadequate trunk support to prevent trunk collapse.
  • Causes related to physical conditions: fixed pathological kyphosis of spine, posterior pelvic tilt, tendon tension, tight hip flexor, low trunk muscle tone, weak and deteriorated muscles.
  • extended trunk and retracted shoulder blades,
  • reduced kyphosis,
  • natural trunk alignment over pelvis,
  • improved respiratory capacity,
  • increased head control,
  • better line of sight.



U74NEO - vest without zipper.

Vest available in two versions, wide and narrow designed especially for women. Normally upper stabilization vests are delivered with rear pull when is not recommended that the patient may adjust the pull , vests may be also delivered with front pull which allows a seated person to adjust the pull.


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