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Wrist brace AM-OSN-U-11

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Thumb sprain

The thumb, mainly ulnar collateral ligaments (UCL) is very vulnerable to sprains because of its broad range of motion and mobility. The ligament is located at the base of the thumb and it stabilizes the metacarpophalangeal joint. Unfortunately, it’s enough to fall onto an outstretched hand with thumb abduction and after that immediately you can suffer from thumb sprain, sometimes connected with torn ligament.



During physical activity try our universal wrist brace AM-OSN-U-11 with removable thumb splint.



Product’s description

Universal wrist brace AM-OSN-U-11 is elastic and one size.
Our brace is an excellent solution for athletes!
When the thumb immobilization is required, you can only attach the special thumb splint to achieve full stabilization of saddle joint. While, you need only wrist stabilization, you can remove the thumb splint and maintain the full saddle joint mobilization.


The brace is made of UniPren.



UniPren is universal 3-layered fabric made of external elastic polyamide self-gripping layer and internal neoprene foam with elastic jersey. Our fabric is soft and elastic and not knitted, what prevents skin against the skin abrasions in the compression zones. The braces made of UniPren provide the best stabilization in market.




Our wrist brace AM-OSN-U-11 is designed to immobilize strained or partly torn ulnar collateral ligament to improve healing process. If the UCL is torn completely, it
cannot heal without surgical repair. After surgery our brace provide you required and necessary immobilization of the saddle joint.
The brace has “open” design and its fabric is self-gripping what improves fitting. The special palmar anatomic-shaped splint and removable thumb splint stabilize wrist and saddle joint.
Depending on the Patient’s needs, the thumb splint can be used or not. These features and full range of adjustment improve the fitting the brace for particular user.



Purpose of use

  • Wrist instability
  • Immobilization after wrist injuries (fracture, dislocation)
  • Bursitis
  • Sprain of strain of the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), e.g. Skier’s Thumb
  • Instability of the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb in the early osteoarthritis
  • Joint dislocation
  • Thumb muscles strain
  • Prophylactically in sport



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