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Automatic CPAP

Choose the right CPAP device for sleep apnea with the help of our consultants. There are many factors when choosing a sleep apnea device that must be considered in order for the device to deliver the most effective and comfortable therapy possible. The main purpose of using such a device is the complete or partial elimination of all unwanted respiratory events (apneas) during sleep. The correct choice of such a device together with the specific type of mask, be it nasal, nasal-pillows or full-face, are the key in the control of the disease and the long-term elimination of its symptoms. Purchasing a sleep apnea device is a serious step that should be backed up with a solid amount of preliminary research as well as a medical examination by a certified sleep medicine specialist. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all device for sleep apnea – even if a patient is positively affected by therapy with one device, this does not mean that the same device can solve the problem of another person with similar symptoms. Each device for sleep apnea is prescribed by a doctor according to the individual specifics of the disease and the physiology of the patient. It is strongly recommended that before purchasing or renting a device, a titration is performed to determine the optimal therapeutic pressure that the patient needs. Although the devices may appear identical, different sleep apnea devices allow for different customized settings determined for specific patient needs. For example, the presence of concomitant respiratory and cardiovascular diseases may require the use of an automatic sleep apnea device rather than a standard one. The difference between auto CPAPs and the standard CPAPs is in the delivered pressure, which in standard CPAP machines is constant, whereas in automatic CPAP devices it varies according to each apnea or hypoapnea episode. The advantage of an automatic sleep apnea device is that it delivers only as much air as needed, which often makes it much more comfortable, plus the price difference between it and a standard one is not so great that it is worth giving up the automatic algorithm.

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