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ADAPT.BG offers different types of premium CPAP machines from the leading brands ResMed, Löwenstein and BMC Medical. As the only official distributor of ResMed in Bulgaria, Adapt BG can offer you the latest in CPAP equipment for your therapy needs! People suffering from sleep apnea need specific CPAP equipment to support the body's respiratory function during sleep. Relaxation of the soft tissues of the upper airway due to aging, genetic predisposition or alcohol use can lead to their partial or complete closure during sleep, also known as apnea or hypoapnea. Using a doctor-presribed CPAP machine at night can completely or partially eliminate these apneas by delivering high-pressure air through a nasal or a full-face CPAP mask. Seemingly the same breathing CPAP machine can have radically different characteristics and functions according to the specific sleep disorder it is treating. One type of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device may deliver a constant pressure all the time, while another may provide varying pressure based on the specific needs and preferences of the patient (Auto CPAP). Most modern CPAPs have an exhalation relief feature and automatically turn on and off when they detect inhalation or lack thereof. The modern CPAP devices that Adapt BG offers increase the supplied air gradually within 30-40 min to ensure maximum comfort therapy and easy falling asleep for both the person suffering from sleep apnea and his partner. If you think you have sleep apnea, in addition to a CPAP/ BiPAP machine, you should also get a suitable — and comfortable! — mask through which the air flow will be supplied from the device to your upper airways. The choice of this accessory is particularly important for a complete and comfortable therapy. Another accessory, which is by no means mandatory, but can greatly reduce discomfort during sleep apnea therapy is the humidifier. The humidifier warms and humidifies the air to avoid drying out of the upper nasal passages. Modern CPAP devices are compact enough to allow therapy to be administered both at home and on the go using special mobile devices that can even run on batteries. In order to ensure maximum peace of mind and security when purchasing such an important medical equipment, we, at Adapt.bg, offer various payment methods, as well as the option for renting the equipment you need for as long as you need. And, the first three installments can be deducted when deciding to purchase the CPAP device.

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