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Home Paediatric products Orthoses for children Upper limb support AM-SOB-02

Upper limb support AM-SOB-02

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Upper limb support AM-SOB-02

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Product description

Children’s shoulder and elbow immobilizer, produced from light and airy materials, immobilizes the shoulder and elbow in case of dislocations, strains or other injuries.
It is made of ACTIV DISTAN­CE fabric, equipped with arm tapes enabling pre­cise fixation of the secured limb. It can be worn on both sides, it is light and comfortable in use.




Available sizes






  • UNIVERSAL CHARACTER OF THE PRODUCT- thanks to the possibility of both side usage the product can be used for left and right shoulder and the shoulder joint can be secured from further injury.
  • COMFORT OF USAGE- the product is very light and therefore comfortable to wear.
  • HYGIENE- patient can take off and put on the product at any time without external help. Therefore everyday hygiene can be maintained without problems or help of other people.



Purpose of use

The shoulder stabilization should be used in following cases:

  • strong pain in the shoulder joint (temporary protection)
  • dislocation of the joint
  • injury to the soft tissue of the shoulder and arm
  • surgery of the shoulder or elbow (not requiring plaster dressing)
  • in case of necessity to support or partially fix the upper limb (broken neck of humerus bone and plaster dressing)
  • after removal of the plaster dressing, as stabilization is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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