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Cough Assistant RespiClear

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Effective and gentle support for coughing due to quick switching times with patented valve technology.

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 Advantages of the Cough Assistant RespiClear:


- User-friendly operation and interface.


- Fast switching times.


- Patented valve technology.


- Adjustable oszillation levels



- Constant flow limitation.


- Space-saving slim design.


- Can also be used when lying down.


- Comfortable setting on the 7 inch touchscreen.


- Easy cleanable surfaces.


- Up to 5 presets can be saved.


- Control via foot pedal optionally available.


- Carrying bag designed for mobile use.


- Very low noise .


- Optimum protection of the device and the breaching air through a cartridge filter class M5





           Clear display with a structured menu


Adjustable parameters:


- Manual mode


- AUTO / AUTO with trigger


- PC AirStacking 




Up to 5 previously configured presets


- Options for copying


 - You can transfer your data from one program to another.


- Deactivating the options.


Various therapy options and additional functions:


- Vibrations from 4 to 15 Hz, during exhaling or / and / inhaling.


- Automatic maximum amplitude generation.


- Flow restriction from 100% to 80% or 60%. 


- Interruption of the I / E for sensitive patients, even those with Dysphagia.


- Gentle increase of ramp pressure for better patient compliance.


Review of patient information and Peak Cough Flow report.



NIV Mode


Limited ventilation time (max. 30 min.)


- Suitable for preparing extremely exausted patients before and / or after ventilation, for better therapy effect and quicker compliance with the machine.

                                                  Techical data

Product class acording to EC directive 93/42/EEC


Electrical safety

Protection class

- Protection level

- Protection rating

- Complies with standard


II (totally insulated


IP 21

DIN EN 60601-1:2013

Electrical connection

- Alternating current

- Direct current





100 - 240 V AC automatic, 50 - 60 Hz

Tolerance -15% to +10%

24 V DC / 5 A

Tolerance in each case -15% to +25%


Maximum power


215 VA / 135 W

Ambient conditions



Air humidity

Air pressure




+5°C to +40°C

15% RH to 95% RH

500 hPa to 1200 hPa


Operation Continous operation
Operating range

Manual mode, AUTO, AirStacking: +70hPa to -70hPa

NIV: 4hPa to 30hPa

The maximum pressure of <60hPa will not be exceeded, even in the event of the first fault listed.

Sound pressure level alarm messages min. 70dB(A)
System resistance with air flow of 60 l/min at patient connection opening RespiClear with hose system and bacterial filter 0,30 kPa s / l
Minimum stable pressure limit (PLSmin) > 0 hPa (minimum pressure in event of fault)
Maximum stable pressure limit (PLSmax) < 60 hPa (maximum pressure in event of fault)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 35 x 31 x 15 mm
Weight 4,9 kg

Air filtering

-filter life

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