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Home Hospital beds Antidecubitus pillows Pneumatic air-cells cushion POLYAIR Systam

Pneumatic air-cells cushion POLYAIR Systam

Pneumatic air-cells cushion POLYAIR Systam

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Polyair® 60 is pneumatic cell cushion with 2 chambers. It ensures maximum patient contact with seating surface by moulding itself to protuberances of the sacrum area. This result in extremely effective reduction in transcutaneous pressure values in the bottocks area.
Polyair® 60 adapts to all anatomy types, particularly as a result of its internal ventilation. It is equally effective as a weapon against the effects of maceration, friction and schear.
Further advantages:
  • The honeycomb layout of individual air cells improves contact point equilibrium hence increasing stability.
  • Polyair®60 features 2 compartments which act independently from each other. They can be inflated
  • at equal or different pressure levels. This design is particularly useful in rectifying pelvic imbalances while at the same time offering greater stability.
  • Polyair® is made of Laxpren.
  • This material makes the Polyair highly resistant to tearing and at the same time very soft.
  • A geniune inflating system.
The cushion POLYAIR®60 P301C can be used, when:
  • already pressure sore (Stage I to IV after EPUAP) is present. The patient can change seating position or the pressure points are relieved through nursing care. OR
  • an increased to very high risk according evaluation scale (Braden, Norton, Waterlow, ...) is present. The P301C-cushion is suitable for patients: with past history of pressure sore on contact with seating area, and/or complete or incomplete paralysis of the trunk or lower limbs, and/or with impaired or absent sensation of the lower member, and/or with spastik/Contractures and/or with impaired frontal & lateral stability, and/or with light postural assymetries, unbalanced pelvic and/or with vascular Amputation, and/or with bad general state. is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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