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SOMNO screen plus PSG+ AASM

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SOMNO screen plus PSG+ AASM


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SOMNO screen plus PSG+ AASMSOMNO screen plus PSG+ AASM

The SOMNOscreen™ plus is the smallest PSG system with up to 33 channels.

It offers a maximum of flexibility in diagnostics. Whether according to the standard of Rechtschaffen & Kales, the new AASM standard or configurations for specific studies, it is always you who decides what you would like to measure and with which configuration you would like to start. It is upgradeable at any time and offers the possibility of screenings, ambulatory and stationary PSG’s, as well as a complete EEG 10-20 diagnostic - all without any handicap for the patient.



Thanks to the built-in data transmitter, the SOMNOscreen™ plus always works wirelessly - so your patient is free to move.

Upon request, you can use the fully synchronized digital video wireless option for the stationary area, therefore giving you complete mobility within the boundaries of the room or department. The built-in data transmitter allows an easy and secure signal check on the patients bedside. The data will be stored on a robust high-speed compact flash card with up to 2 GB capacity for 100 hours PSG recording. is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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