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Home Orthosis Orthosis for knee Lower limb brace with splints and reinforcement ACL EB-SKL/2RA

Lower limb brace with splints and reinforcement ACL EB-SKL/2RA

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The products which belong to the Ultra Breathing Line are made of ProFit fabric, 2-layer, perfectly fitting material, stretching in all directions, modeling the shape of the limb, creating the, so called, second skin. The outside layer is made of spandex, which is responsible for correct compression and fitting of the product to the patient body, and for reduction of muscle twitching during physical exercise. The internal diaphragm, made of microfiber, cotton and elastin, is responsible for maintenance of the correct climate condition for the skin and sweat derivation.
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Long knee brace EB-SKL/2RA is made of a structural material ProFit- meaning professional fit. It is a 2-layer fabric, perfectly fitting patient’s body, stretching in all directions and modeling the limb- creating the, so called, second skin. The product is equipped with 4 independent sets of VELCRO belts and two double axis, lateral, anatomic splints which in flection and extention copy the natural movement of the joint and during work don’t change their position in relation to the axis of the knee joint. The positioning of the splints in the brace supports the knee joint and allows for achievement of perfect lateral stabilization.




Available size:





Stabilizes the knee and the knee cap, releases pressure from muscles. Enables set up of movement range of the joint (0* ,15*, 75*). Maintenance of stable temperature and elastic pressure results in reduction of pain and swelling, helps in healing of post-injury effusions and hematoma. Optimal length for tall or significantly overweight patients. The leading doctor prescribes and gives all the instructions regarding the use of the support.



Purpose of use:

  • after injury of knee joint not requiring or not qualified for surgery (dislocations and sprains)
  • in advanced degenerative changes and/or instability of the joint due to injury or illness in case of patents not agreeing or not qualified for surgery
  • in rehabilitation after surgery of the knee due to injury or illness
  • in atony of lower limbs, during upright standing and learning to walk




  • In case of coexisting varicose vein, previous inflammation of veins, swelling of legs – use of the brace is possible only on specifically selected varicose veins knee-height socks or stockings with II* pressure.
  • In case of skin changes in place where the brace touches the skin (abrasions, injuries, skin eczema)it is necessary to contact your doctor. The use of the brace is possible after a dressing is applied.
  • The correctness of the use of the brace should be especially controlled in case of children, patients with memory failure and abalienated.



Setting up:





Splints 2RA- double axis anatomic splints which copy the flection movement of the joint therefore during performance do not change their position towards the axis of the joint. Splints 2RA- are double axis polycentric splints, with coupling mechanism with two main conductive elements which move of parabolic tracks. Such splints are mainly used in all knee joint braces where apart from angle adjustment important is high lateral stabilization of the joint. The splints are manufactured with high quality of aluminum alloy with sanded, durable cover which makes the indifferent to the influence of sweat and salt. Adjustment of flection and extension angle is done with special screws- every brace is equipped with special Allen key necessary for adjustment. Anatomic splints have overextension blockage 15 degrees, flection blockage 75degrees and blockage in straight position. The angle adjustment clock is secured from manipulation by unauthorized people. Standard length of the splints is: 250, 280, 380, 470 and 530 mm. The splint and its design are patented in European Union by our company.




Information for patients:

  • Only properly selected, fitted and used according to doctor’s instruction brace fulfils its function – incorrect use may cause increase of problems with the joint, skin abrasion, problems with walking, swelling, vein inflammation.
  • The brace is designed for walking- in case of longer sitting it is necessary to remove it;
  • Long term use of the brace may lead to decline of thigh muscles – it is advised to do regular exercise to strengthen the thigh muscles;
  • In case of swelling of thigh of foot it is necessary to contact the doctor- usually the use of the varicose vain stockings is necessary;
  • No kind of cream, poultice, ointments etc should be used before the application of the brace.
  • Wrong maintenance of the product (insufficient washing and rinsing) may lead to skin abrasion, rushes, allergic reactions connected with excessive sweating and development of bacteria.




  • Wash by hands in warm water with soap in temperature of 30° 
  • Do not mould. 
  • Do not chlorinate. 
  • Dry away from sources of warmth. 
Before washing do not disassemble side splint! is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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