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Integral Heel Support SYSTAM

Integral Heel Support Systam

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The Systam Integral Heel Support is fabric coated with bi-stretch polyurethane. It reduces friction and shear effects and is comfortable and soft to the touch. It favours the exchange of gases (steam/sweat) and fights against maceration. The Systam Integral Heel Support is totally impermeable to liquids for better hygiene and longer support system lifespan. Washable at 90°C and can be decontaminated using cold sprays. Treated to resist fire. In multi-patient use it is preferable to buy one new cover per patient. Unlike most systems attached to lower limbs using belts and Velcro fasteners, the Systam Integral Heel Support is entirely protected by a cover and has a particularly comfortable attachment system that is easy to adjust: the attachment system offers sustainable support maintaining the device in the right position and is easy to install.

  • The Systam Integral Heel Support is particularly well suited to patients with normal or slightly limited mobility. The Systam Integral Heel Support is also ideal for prevention in agitated patients or those subject to constant movement of the lower members.
  • The Systam Integral Heel Support is made of Viscoelastic foam with memory effect.
  • The heel sinks into the memory foam which, combined with the the curved form of the system, it reduces pressure peaks in the high-risk areas.
The heel area on the Systam Integral Heel Support is hollowed out to provide effective protection against friction effects.
The sides of the forefoot section are hollowed out to divert pressure to the surrounding areas that are less subject to sore formation. The Achilles tendon is protected by side supports that direct pressure towards retromalleolar regions considered as being lower risk. is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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