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Oxygen Concentrator Service


Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Repair Service of oxygen concentrators in Bulgaria. ADAPT BG provides fast and affordable medical oxygen concentrator repair services, We perform preventive maintenance (PM) and repair services for the oxygen concentrator brands Krober, DeVilbis, Inojen, SeQual and Zen-O.


Fast and inexpensive repairs by CERTIFIED oxygen concentrator technicians in Sofia, Plovdiv, PErnik, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Russe, Burgas and Varna.


Why trust a certified ADAPT BG technician instead of a random "concentrator technician" from an ad on a classifieds site?

Adapt BG is the exclusive representative for the largest European and American oxygen concentrator manufacturers. With more than a decade of experience repairing and maintaing O2 therapy equipment, we have established authorized service centers in 8 different Bulgarian cities where we perform the following warranty and out-of-warranty repair service:



  • Oxygen concentration measurement;
  • Replacement of molecular sieves, zeolite functional units;
  • Disinfection and replacement of all filters;
  • Out-of-warranty (and warranty) repairs;
  • Compressor replacement;
  • Circuit Board Replacement;
  • Repair in case of flooding;
  • Spare Parts Supply.


We will repair your oxygen concentrator in the case of:


  • Overheating;
  • Electric shock;
  • Internal flooding;
  • Reduced oxygen levels;
  • System errors.

Our technicians will also measure your O2 device's oxygen concentration with a specialized instrument.

Trusting not-certified technicians is risky, especially after the shocking cases of "repaired" concentrators that eventually end up in our service centers. The most recent cases involved Kroeber concentrators that were so "professionally repaired" that the thermal sensor was remade with a wire bypass that would rather set a patient's home on fire than provide actual protection...

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Sofia Store

Address: Tri Ushi 121
Telephone: 02 4420424
Mobile: 0892 245285

Plovdiv Store

Address: bul Svoboda 69
Telephone: 032 207724
Mobile: 0878 340001

Stara Zagora Store

Address: bul P. Evtimii 141
Telephone: 042 250250
Mobile: 0876 771966

Varna Store

Address: ul Ilinden 9
Telephone: 052 671144
Mobile: 0878 605767