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ResMed STELLAR 150 Ventilator

ResMed STELLAR 150 Ventilator

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Vsync leak compensation algorithm
ResMed’s Vsync leak management technology accurately calculates and automatically compensates for unintentional leak to maintain patient–device synchrony. Closely capturing the dynamic nature of leak, Vsync continuously estimates leak within each breath to monitor sudden changes and respond rapidly.
TiControl™ feature
Vsync works closely with the TiControl feature, maintaining synchronisation even during large leak. TiControl allows you to set minimum and maximum time limits on either side of the patient’s ideal spontaneous flow cycling.
This creates a ‘window of opportunity’ for the patient to spontaneously cycle the breath, while providing timely intervention during challenging conditions.
Mobility and USB convenience
The internal battery (optional external battery ResMed Power Station II (RPS II)), mobility bag and USB data transfer help provide undisrupted therapy and convenience for those with mobility needs. Such patients include those who use wheelchairs and those being transferred from one Stellar 100 device to another or from one Stellar 150 device to another (for example, when they move to a new care environment).
Oxygen delivery and monitoring
The inlet at the back of the device enables a higher level of FiO2 (oxygen up to 30 L/min) to be delivered to patients who need low pressure oxygen. It also provides more accurate control of the overall tidal flow, avoiding interference with triggering and cycling. FiO2 can then be monitored on the ventilator.
High performance and capability
Stellar delivers pressure up to 40 cm H2O, with maximum flow at 175 L/min at 40 cm H2O and excellent leak compensation. It supports breath rates from five to sixty breaths per minute and can be used with the 15 mm SlimLine™ tubing making it lighter and more comfortable for the patient.
Quiet therapy
Volute technology reduces the turbulence in the air path, creating smoother airflow and quieter performance. Three mufflers further assist to minimise any noise or disturbance.
Low-inertia blower
ResMed's unique low-inertia blower, including the low-inertia motor and impeller, delivers higher performance than a conventional motor, in a more compact size and more quietly.
The ability to accelerate and decelerate rapidly enables this motor to respond quickly, meeting the demanding requirements of our high performance ventilation systems.
A comprehensive range of alarms enables the use of the device in both hospital and home for patients who need closer monitoring.
Adjustable alarms can be easily set and quickly switched on or off. Fixed alarms (high, medium and low priority) provide extra safety and reassurance.
  • Red LED - high priority alarm
  • Easy to keep clean and service
  • The sealed silicon filter protects the ventilator from dust and decontaminants.
  • The replaceable air path makes it easier to decontaminate and service the device, minimising device down-time.
Two programs can be pre-set
Once you've pre-set two customised programs, if a patient needs different therapy parameters at different times, you can transfer them from one program to another very quickly. You can also provide your patients with the option of safely selecting one of the two pre-set programs at their own convenience.
Learn Circuit
Initiated by simply pushing the dial, the Learn Circuit function is an inbuilt test that automatically checks for resistance and added impedance within the circuit when filters, humidifiers and other accessories are connected. The device uses this information to compensate for the impedance and ensures that the set pressure reaches the patient so that ventilation is never compromised.
Interface selection and Mask Fit feature
Selecting the suitable interface (including a range of ResMed masks) on the device menu optimises therapy. Interface selection enables the ventilator to calculate accurate flow requirements to deliver the right pressure at the mask.
Before actual treatment begins, the Mask Fit feature delivers flow for three minutes to check that the mask is well-fitted and leaks are minimised. During this time the mask can be adjusted as required, in preparation for treatment.
Pathology Defaults
This unique feature helps get a patient started on therapy quickly and facilitates the titration process. Advanced settings are optimised to allow medical staff to focus on and fine-tune the pressure settings required for each individual patient. is an online and offline reseller of specialized medical equipment for people with disabilities.

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