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Buggy for children with special needs EIO

Buggy for children with special needs EIO

Price: €97147
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  • User's height
    140 cm
  • Max user weight
    40 kg
  • Weight
    10 kg
  • Warranty
    2 y

The EIO Push Chair from Special Tomato is a special needs stroller unmatched in features, quality and price.

Included with the special needs push chair are every accessory available. So, you get everything for one low price! That's the lightweight push chair (only 22 lbs!) plus 12 wonderful features and accessories!

Why is the EIO Push Chair Perfect for Your Child?

It provides the best of both worlds! A mild to moderate positioning seat matched with a lightweight stroller with everything you could imagine INCLUDED!


Standard features include:


  • 5-Point Comfort Wrap harness
  • Padded seat and back laterals
  • Canopy
  • Angle adjustable back rest (25 - 75 degr)
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Easy foldable




  • Padded head pillow
  • Angle adjustable footwell
  • One-touch rear brake
  • Shopping Basket
  • Swivel front wheels with lock out feature for rough terrain
  • Folds compactly for transport - you do not need to remove the rear wheels to fold it





Size EIO
Maximum Weight Capacity (kg) 40.8
Seat Width (cm) 35.5
Seat Deapth (cm) 30.5
Seat Back Height (cm) 61
Seat to Footwell - Stroller Only (cm) 33
Seat to Footwell - with Size 1 or 2 Liners (cm) 38
Seat to Footwell - with Size 1 Sitter (cm) 40.6
Seat to Footwell - with Size 2 Sitter (cm) 43
Handle Height to Floor - (cm) 76-106.7
Handle Height to Floor - degr ±65°
Footwell Angle toFloor +15° to -55°
Handle Height to Floor - degr 25°-75°
Open Dimensions 61x117x114
Folded Dimensions 61x94x61
Weight of Stroller 10
Wheel Diameter (front & back)  22.9/27.9

Size help form to help us choose the appropriate medical device for your child

Please complete as much information as possible. Once the form is submitted, it will be sent to one of our on-staff therapists for review. Our on-staff therapist will be in touch with you within 1 business day of submitting to discuss the correct product and sizing for your child.

Please understand that although we have licensed physical therapists on staff, they cannot act in the capacity of your child’s/student’s/patient’s professional therapist(s). An in-depth knowledge of the child’s/student’s/patient’s medical condition and abilities are required to make any final equipment recommendations. The child’s/student’s/patient’s therapist(s) is best qualified for this reason. What we can do is work with you and the child’s/student’s/patient’s therapist(s) to help make the best choice for child’s/student’s/patient’s needs.
4. A person's hip width is measured at the hip joint (where the leg pivots at the hips) while seated. Measure a straight line straight across the lap. If you were to place two books on either side of the hips, measure straight between the two books instead of curving up and over the lap like a car seatbelt would.
5. Thigh depth is also measured while seated. Make sure the person is sitting with his/her buttocks against the back of the seat. Measure a straight line (parallel with the seating surface) from where the buttocks contact the seat back to just behind the bent knee.
8. Foot to Knee Height is also measured while seated. Measure from the bottom of the foot (or shoe that will be used with the equipment) up along the back of the leg to the back of the knee joint where it is bent at 90 °.
10. What is the person’s FLOOR TO CHEST HEIGHT measured in inches or centimeters?
11. Measure the person standing if possible or lying down if he/she is unable to stand. Measure a straight line from the bottom of the foot (or shoe that will be used with the equipment) along the outside of the leg to the hip joint. The hip joint is found by turning the leg in and out while pressing inward in the mid-buttock area to locate the hip bone.
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